Deputy Manager Vacancy


Micklefield Nursery is looking for a Deputy Manager to join our friendly team.

This exciting opportunity offers the chance for the right person to use their creative flair to modify and enhance our setting, ensuring Micklefield continues to offer the outstanding-rated standard of education.


  • A full and relevant Level 3 qualification as defined by the Children’s Workforce Development Council as an essential; Level 6 desirable.
  • Two satisfactory relevant references and a satisfactory disclosure check.
  • The relevant skills to support the management of a children’s nursery within the ethos, implementation and legal requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • Prominently based in Squirrels class (2yr class) with out of class times for additional duties.
  • 2yr old experience with working knowledge of 27mth checks.
  • Good knowledge of child development – milestones/ speech and language.
  • Leading a team/supervision/Tapestry/planning/ EYFS/Setting up the environment/running inhouse staff training and meetings.
  • Ofsted – had experience.
  • 1st aid/SENCO/DSL ideally.
  • Working in partnership with families.

Support of the Manager
The Deputy Manager's main role is to support the Manager in all aspects of Nursery matters and must be able to manage the nursery is the absence of the Manager. They must work as part of the team and liaise between the staff and the Manager. The deputy will have direct line responsibility with staff working in the Squirrels class, carrying out supervision, training and welfare.

Statutory Requirements
The Deputy must work with the Manager to ensure the nursery complies with the Statutory Framework. They must ensure good practice as set out in the EYFS Practice Guidance, Health & Safety, ideally trained in Safeguarding to be the Deputy Safeguarding Lead, Understanding of Fire safety – Fire marshal training would be desirable, knowledge of some aspects of employment law to assist the manager with recruitment. (Training will be given if candidate has not got the above) SENCO experience essential and it would be desirable to have completed the SENCO accreditation training.
When deputising, the Deputy Manager must execute the responsibilities of a Nursery Manager according to all lawful and ethical standards. The Manager has responsibility for the nursery, including out-of-hours, and if not in this country; the deputy maybe given as the key holder/contact.

The Deputy must ensure that the Manager or Deputy is present in the nursery at all times during opening hours. The Manager and Deputy must cover each other’s duties should either of them be absent. Due to the seniority of the role, it is expected that the Deputy will have high level of attendance.

At all times the Deputy Manager must promote the good name of Micklefield.
They must be a role model of good practice.
Dress code is appropriate to working with children. (Please see induction pack).

The Deputy Manager must ensure that all adults working and looking after children in the nursery are able to put the appropriate procedures for the Safeguarding of Children into practice. In house training is given as part of Micklefield’s induction. Micklefield use CPOMS and the deputy will have access to this.

Ethos ‘Children are at the heart of everything we do’.

The Deputy Manager must at all times ensure the safety, care, welfare and happiness of the children in the Nursery. They must ensure all children have access to resources, equipment, activities and learning opportunities to reach their full development and potential.
The Deputy Manager must be aware any children in their care with special needs (including SEND) and is proactive in ensuring appropriate action is taken to promote the welfare and development of those children within the nursery.

Working closely with our Early Years Professional, the Deputy will oversee the planning, organisation and smooth running of the children's activities in the Squirrel class.

The Deputy must ensure the supply of appropriate resources. They must ensure the activities are appropriate for the children’s developmental stage, monitor their content, make assessments of their worth. The staff and activities must achieve high quality teaching and learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. The Deputy must ensure the economic use of resources and materials.

Day to day running
It is the Manager and/or Deputy’s responsibility to ensure that the nursery operates at all times during opening hours, that childcare is available to parents as agreed, and there is a contingency plan for all unplanned events, emergencies or extraordinary weather conditions.
The Deputy & the Manager must ensure sensible employment of the staff throughout the day.

They must be able to ensure staff ratios and the supply of bank staff to cover holidays and sickness where applicable. They must ensure efficient financial use of all resources including staff and cover staff. The Deputy Manager must report any areas in need of maintenance as part of our ongoing risk assessment.

Partnership with families
Micklefield builds good relationships with families. Micklefield uses Tapestry for Key persons to communicate with families. The deputy manager will moderate the weekly observations and once approved will send them to the parents.  

27mth checks will be the responsibility of the Deputy Manager, time out of class will be given for receiving and organising the 27mth checks. The Deputy Manager will work alongside the manager to ensure time is given for key person and family to meet face to face.

In consultation with the Manager, the Deputy must be proactive and seek to resolve families concerns and complaints promptly. The SENCO may be brought into some family meetings.

Keyperson Duties
The Deputy Manager will have a group of children assigned to them as Keyperson and they must provide all the necessary duties relating to this group of children (see job description of Nursery Practitioner).

Nursery Tours
The Deputy manager will be shown how to conduct a tour with prospective families and this duty will be shared with the nursery manager. The Deputy must ensure the correct information and ethos of Micklefield is conveyed to all visitors, and they must ensure good impressions to all people who come through the door. At all times the Deputy must be courteous and helpful.

Development of Micklefield
The Deputy will attend staff meetings, out of normal hours of work, and also Management Team meetings, and be involved with training matters. They are expected to attend relevant events, meetings and training courses when necessary. They must show initiative when considering new policies and ideas. Our EYP has recently become a Champion and Micklefield is hoping to be recognised as a communication friendly setting. Initiatives such as these are to be imbedded with the help of senior staff. The Deputy Manager will be able to share their 2yr old best practice tips with the nursery during training evenings. There is an opportunity to freshen up the classrooms and playground. (Micklefield would like to redesign the outside space so that it is a great selling point).

Micklefield Nursery has seen a demand for holiday childcare.

It is desirable if the Deputy Manager has experience of working in an all-year setting so they are able to assist manager and other senior staff with setting this up. Micklefield will offer holiday childcare through out the year.

2yr old experience

  • Work history shows experience working with children aged 2yrs.
  • Fully understanding their development and what makes them ‘tick’
    (Ideally a room – not a shared space with 4yr old’s).
  • Can show a comprehensive knowledge of milestones/ speech and language.
  • Is able to disseminate knowledge to others (during team meetings).

Speech and language
Ideally to show a good understanding of language development.
Experience with working with children who have speech delay/ SALT intervention.
Helping staff to enhance the quality of the spoken word/early intervention and to model good practice. Working knowledge of setting-based support plans.

40hrs a week.
8-4.30pm Monday to Friday core hours.

The successful candidate will also be responsible for the whole nursery, in the absence of the Nursery Manager, so this is a great role to expand and develop your experience, responsibility and management skills.  This role will require a robust working knowledge of safeguarding and Health and Safety, you should lead by example at all times.

The hours required are a minimum of 40 hours per week, Monday to Friday.

Full training and support will be provided at the start of this position, but we anticipate finding a candidate who will accept this challenge and supporting Micklefield as we grow and adapt.

Please note, candidates will be rigorously vetted throughout the recruitment process, following our safer recruitment policy.

Register your interest and request an application from the Nursery Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deputy Manager Role Summary
Job Title Deputy Manager
Contract Length Permanent
Contract Type Full-time
Closing date November 2021
Is DBS required Yes
Hours per Week 40
Annual Salary Up to £25,000 depending on experience

Children are at the heart of everything we do.

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